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OPEN! Challenge 3

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COMPETE! Predict the sound that the mysterious box makes
May 15,2021

A mysterious box was found on the beach. Despite spending probably years in the water, it still works! But what does it do? It has four inputs (electric), a switch, and emits different weird and scary sounds as output in response to the electric signals on the inputs and different switch positions. It sizzles, gurgles, hisses, ominously tics like a bomb…..but nothing happens - just sounds. The training dataset describes which sounds have been noted in the laboratory (highest security level!) in nearly 20,000 experiments combining different input signals and switch positions. Using training data - built a predictive model which can be tested on the test data which can predict as well as possible the sounds which the box will produce in response to the inputs and switch positions. You can use any ML software from the R library and make sure you cross-validate!

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CLOSED! Challenge 2

Predict Earnings of a Student
April 24,2021

Predict future earnings of students based on some obvious parameters such as major and GPA as well as some less obvious such as number of professional connections and even number of parking tickets (there is little known powerful theory linking the number of parking tickets and being the member of the infamous top 0.1%). Turns out that student earnings are quite predictable!

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Top performers of this challenge

Rank Participant Name Mean Squared Error (MSE)
1 Seok Yim 91.72196
2 Nick Whelan 91.74182
3 Bennett Garcia 146.40286
4 Shuohao Ping 225.63527
5 Jeremy Prasad 1939.23899

CLOSED! Challenge 1

Predict Grades in Professor Moody class
April 10,2021

Professor Moody has been teaching Statistics 101 classes for many years. His teaching evaluations went considerably south with the chief complaint: he DOES NOT seem to assign grades fairly. Students compared their scores among themselves and found quite a bit of discrepancy! But their complaints went nowhere since Professor promptly disappeared after posting the final grades and scores. A new brave TA managed to get hold of the carefully maintained grading table (spanning multiple years) of Professor Moody by messing a bit with Moody's computer. Well, let's not explain the details because he would get in trouble. Moreover, what he found was a remarkably structured account of how Professor Moody assigns his grades.
It seems Professor Moody is very alert in class. Remarkable but a little creepy, isn't it? Knowing this data, can you predict a grade for a student? Training data is available on Kaggle and lists the following attributes: major, seniority, score, attendance, questions, texting

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Top performers of this challenge

Sr. No. Participant Name Accuracy
1 Jeremy Prasad 0.86177
2 Cynthia Zhu 0.85800
3 Rohit Manjunath 0.85155
4 Jiky Dong 0.85066
5 Bennett Garcia 0.84866